Hey all! This is Vic! At the time of writing this, we are hanging out with a day off in Hamburg, Germany, just over a week into our 60-day run of Europe.  Besides a destroyed pedal board, thanks to the kind baggage handlers at Lufthansa Airlines, all is going smooth out here. It’s great being able to see old friends and meet new faces overseas.  This being John’s first time over, he is learning all about the differences between touring over here vs. North America...like having to pay to use a toilet and how nonexistent a close to normal sleeping schedule is. People like to party here, and shows can go into the dawn. This time of year, the sun doesn’t even go down in the North, which is where we started off in Finland at the awesome Rock and Roll Jamboree in Sastamala.


We have some news! After this tour ends in Mid-August, we will take a few weeks off to prepare for our next coast-to-coast run of the States. That will go from September to Mid-December. We will have those dates posted soon!
Next up, for all the vinyl collectors out there… we are releasing a “Graveyard Tree” 7 inch later in the year. It will have all 4 “Graveyard” tracks and a few different vinyl color options. More info to come on that.
And finally we are honored to be headlining the first annual Blackout BBQ in Detroit on Saturday, Aug 23rd at The Majestic Theatre complex. This is going to be a music/car fest, and its looking like its going to be a blast with a killer band line up.
Well that’s all I can think of right now. For those of you planning on catching us while we’re in Europe, be sure to check out our dates. We are traveling all over and playing some really cool festivals! 

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