Greetings from the Koffin Kats home base! Well, between my basement and E-Ball’s basement we share the title. So ill call my basement KK Dragon Layer Alpha Uno. The sun is finally shining and the temperature is over freezing so it’s a good day here in Michigan.  At this time we’ve just wrapped up our little tour down to Texas and had great time over the weekend playing in with our buddies Mustard Plug in their hometown of Grand Rapids, MI.

I’ll answer one question I’ve been getting a lot right off the bat.  “How’s Johnny fitting in? “  Personally I think we’ve just kicked up a notch sonically and it’s only getting tighter.  Plus the inside road jokes are only getting funnier which is always a good sign when it comes to band chemistry. Really though, it doesn’t matter what I think… It’s what the people who come out to see us think and it’s almost too good to be true how much of a positive response we have been getting.  Again I cant thank you all enough for supporting us through this transition.
Canada here we come! West Coast here we come!!! We kick off a 3-month coast-to-coast tour on April 18th starting in Toronto with our friends, The Matadors. This run will take us mostly throughout the northern parts of the states and in and out of Canada. We will end it down in Long Beach on June 8th at Ink & Iron. That’s a hell of a time, and were even taking June 7th off so we can see some of our favorite bands play there. Gonna have a beer with FEAR!!!!!
Speaking of our favorite bands, we are teaming up for some shows with our local buddies Against The Grain over in the North West. They are a kick ass speed rock band and I highly recommend them. Another band we are teaming up for a few shows with is The Damned. One of my personal favorites and the first band I learned how to sing along with. Also on those shows are some good dudes known as Stellar Corpses.
After this upcoming run, we head home for a few days and then jet over to Europe for a few months. Those tour dates will be announced soon. After that we will come back to the states and tour North America for the rest of the year!!
As always, our ACCURATE tour dates can be found on our official website www.koffinkatsrock.com. While you’re there please take the time to sign up to our mailing list for show announcements and exclusive offers. Exclusive offers you say? Well, one of those offers if for DISCOUNTED PRE SALE TICKETS!!! Available directly from us. This is something we have been working on and will be implementing on future tours for certain shows that make the opportunity for ticket sales available to us. Basically if you're on the Koffin Kats mailing list, you'll be informed of shows in your area and if we are able to handle pre sale tickets for those particular shows... you'll get them at a discounted rate.
That’s about it for right now… Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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