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From the bunker we ran the power and cranked the amps under a red sky. Here they come, the cannibal mutants. We were drunk and never thought about them. Party Time In The End Times. 

Funny how history repeats itself. Around September of 2003, we as an unsigned KK went into the studio to record what would be our self titled debut record. It was originally planned to be a self release. But was picked up, and well thats another story. We recorded it in the Detroit area with a guy named Roscoe whose work we liked on a recently released Twistin’ Tarantulas album at the time. Well, 13 years and 8 recordings later we went back to Roscoe as an unsigned band to record another self released album.  

We have two reasons for doing this. One being that the time finally felt right with Tommys return to go back and revisit our musical roots that created the first 3 records with Roscoe. The other reason as far as going “unsigned” is that we actually wanted to self release this record. Im not telling most of you anything new at this point, but the record industry has changed a lot over the last decade. Long story short is that we now have the ability and technology with the help of the internet and our friends who follow us online to do what any record label could do for us at this point in our almost 14 years as a band. 

So here it is. Our 9th studio effort... Party Time In The End Times. 12 tracks that will be available in digital download, CD, and eventually vinyl. The street date is Jan 10, 2017. But from now until Jan 1st, we are offering preorder album/merch bundles with some items that will ONLY be available for a limited time during this preorder period. After Jan 1st those exclusive limited edition merchandise items go “out of print.” All of this preorder stuff will only be available directly from us on our website 


A few quick answers to questions we think might be asked? Hmmmmm? 

-ALL ORDERS ON ALBUM/MERCH PREORDER ITEMS will ship Monday, Jan 2nd, 2017. We are sorry for anyone who was hoping to get these in time for the holidays. Its just the way the pressing time worked out. So... if you're planning on ordering this as a gift for someone... well.. there ya go.  

-If you ordered a digital download, and were one of the first 350... you will get a green screen patch. 

-If you ordered a digital download. You will be emailed a download code on Jan. 3rd, 2017. 

-No. We currently have no plans to release this on iTunes. Maybe down the line. For the time being, digital downloads will only be available direct from us on But! A quick online search will show you how to put them on the portable music player or phone of your choice once you download them. 

-Vinyl. Yes. As soon as we build up enough income from initial sales to pay for the vinyl pressing. We are hoping to have a release date for the Spring of 2017 with limited edition color pressings. 

-Oh. Hell. Yes. We are touring throughout 2017 and beyond in promotion of this and everything else we've released.  

-Yep. We print 90% of Koffin Kats merch ourselves in our very own print shop. You probably weren't wondering that... but we’re damn proud to tell you :) 

Alright! Thank you for taking the time to read this. We really would not still be here still doing what we love if it wasn't for you who support us so much. Not a day goes by that Tommy, Ballman or I don't realize that we are some lucky dudes to be able to have the fans (friends) that we do :)  

This album release campaign will be 100% done by us and Koffin Kats supporters. Does that mean its organic? We ask each of you to please share our online posts regarding the new album with your friends whenever they happen.  

Head on over to and take a listen to a NEW TRACK streaming on the site. We will be putting new ones up throughout the month. Or maybe you’re already here. TURN UP YOUR VOLUME!  

Vic, Tommy & E-Ball 



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