HELLO FROM THE ROAD!! We’re in Eugene, Oregon today enjoying the day off, and our merch guy/roadie/chef Michael is grilling up some amazing burgers and fresh veggies. Smells good!!

Our spring US/Canada tour is going awesome, and the crowds have been fantastic. The past month has been awesome getting to cross the entire United States, plus do some wild gigs in Canada. We even got to play a few places we haven’t before, and the response was great. You guys and gals all know how to make us feel welcomed, and we have had a blast in every city we’ve visited so far. Thank you!!

To those who have surprised us with homemade food and desserts; bottles of bourbon and whiskey; fresh fruit and veggies; waters; and youknowwhat for me (:-D) ... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Seriously, we can’t thank you enough. We love food, we love sweets, and we love whiskey. AND, we love you. You are righteous!

We’re on the home stretch of this tour so-to-speak, and we’re excited about these last upcoming shows, especially our two dates performing with The Damned – the first date at Slim’s in San Francisco – and our performance at Ink N Iron festival in Long Beach, which is the final day of this run before heading back home to Detroit. We have our only summer hometown show on June 14; it’s for a good cause and it will likely sell out. Tickets are available here:


Personally, I can’t wait to get to Europe in less than three weeks! I’ve never been to Europe before, and I’m stoked to finally see places I’ve only read about in books and seen in pictures and movies. This will be the band’s NINTH(!!!) European tour, and the dates will be announced on our official website soon (http://koffinkatsrock.com). We’ll be over there for two months, and during that time we plan to begin writing new material to record after we wrap up this year’s worth of touring. I’ve already got riffs bouncing around in my head, and we’re eager to see how the three of us write songs together.

It’s been great spending this time on the road, meeting so many awesome people and getting to know you guys and gals. Everywhere we go, Koffin Kats get treated like family, and it’s a truly awesome feeling to be able to make you all smile and dance with our music. Thanks for being so engaged when we perform; I feed off of your energy!!

Until next month, ladies and gents! NOSTROVIA!! :-Johnny 


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